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Apparent stampede for academy status throws up clouds of dust

Your front page drew much needed attention to the Tory manifesto commitment to pre-approve some schools for academy status ("Academy numbers would triple in September under Tories", April 23).

Sadly the article was marred in two ways. First, by not making it clear that the estimates of the number of schools which would opt out have huge margins of error because of the very small samples on which they are based.

But more disappointing is that the article is entirely based on the views of headteachers and gives the impression that this is a decision for them. Like so many politicians, the journalist appears to ignore the fact that strategic decisions about schools, including those concerning status, are properly ones for governors to make, and to make collectively. On such matters, heads may advise, but governors decide.

Michael Sanderson, School governor, Elsecar, Barnsley.

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