Applauding commitment

The article by Annie McSeveney, "Exciting time for teachers who believe"

(Scotland Plus last week), makes some very good points about the boost to professional morale which the award of chartered teacher status undoubtedly provides.

It is, however, important to recognise that many highly experienced teachers are choosing to undertake the university route to chartered teacher status. On November 17, the University of Paisley held a graduation ceremony at which seven teachers were recognised as achieving MEd in addition to chartered teacher status.

In the current session, Paisley has in the region of 250 teachers who have embarked on our developmental pathway, with well over 30 of this number currently aspiring to the award of MEd in addition to that of chartered teacher. We hope to continue to build on these numbers.

I believe it is enormously important for Scottish education that we have teachers who are willing to undertake the professional development required to achieve an MEd, and that their commitment should be recognised and applauded.

Finally, it should be noted that the General Teaching Council for Scotland route is not unique in involving teachers in the assessment of chartered teachers. A very important aspect of the University of Paisley's chartered teacher programme is that teachers are involved throughout the process. We have found this involvement to be of enormous value and are committed to it remaining an important part of our approach to the chartered teacher initiative.

Jim Maclean

Academic director (CPD)

University of Paisley

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