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Apple bounces back;Letter

Many thanks for cheering me up by printing James Whitehead's timely complaint about the hideous domination of your pages by Apple. It is outrageous that poor old Windows just doesn't get a look-in these days.

Granted PCs are clumsy versions of the Mac interface. Granted PCs' cheap components rarely talk to one another completely effectively and require considerable skill on the PC user's part to keep them working. Granted PCs are cheaper to buy but you then spend more on getting help to make them work.

Nevertheless, I agree it is time that PCs got more attention. We Mac users ought to admit that it is embarrassing how newspapers and magazines constantly give Apple such an easy time. Why, as Mr Whitehead could have pointed out, nearly two whole pages of Online referred directly to Apple products, with even a hint of cautious praise. Heady stuff, and it is just this unwarrantable bias that rightly gets up the nose of such seasoned and intelligent IT professionals.

Small-minded members of the Apple hegemony could suggest that an IT professional ought to know that Microsoft is not just PC-oriented. After all, the latest Office suite is exclusive to the Mac platform, so poor old PC users still have to make do with the '97 version. Furthermore, virtues such as the Mac being, to use Mr Whitehead's words, a "well-designed, powerful machine with a good user interface" and being "a better platform for simple home use than a Windows-based machine" are clearly not important for a professional.

Such quibbles are irrelevant. Keep up the fight, Mr Whitehead, against the Apple conspiracy. One day, poor old PCs will get their place in the sun.

Mark Richardson, Teacher of IT and English, RGS Guildford

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