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Apple bounces back;Letter

The diatribe from James Whitehead rather begs his self-appellation "IT professional". He manages to trot out a list of factual inaccuracies. First, Apple has always had an education arm. Many schools use Macs happily and without the need for dedicated IT support.

Second, "PCs are cheap and reliable"!? Isn't it value that's important? Macs more than 10 years old are happily running old and new software, with minimal support and maintenance. PCs need to be upgraded so much because every new OS renders them next to useless! Additionally, Macs have always had video monitor support and sound capability built on to the motherboard.

Third, Apple has been re-born with dynamic management and innovative products. Of course, Microsoft supports Apple and is its biggest software vendor.

If BMWs cost 5 per cent more than a Proton, yet were more reliable, sustainable and easy to set-up and use, which would you have? And, finally, I'm sure Mr Whitehead knows that the Mac OS is almost impossible to hack. A recent competition offered pound;10 000 to anybody who could hack a Mac! More significantly, it is also not affected by the Millennium Bug.

Hugh Williamson, Higher education lecturer, Stoke-on-Trent

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