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AQA injustice?

When I joined an independent school sixth form two years ago, I realised a dream of learning Latin. My lack of experience meant I scored a grade D, so I was happy to retake my AS modules this year and improve on last year's performance.

AQA is to withdraw Latin and Classical Greek GCSE and A-level after June 2006. I am horrified to discover that they will not let students retake any modules examined this summer.

This will disadvantage AQA candidates as other boards allow many retakes. When OCR withdrew pure maths from its A-level syllabus, it made provisions for its last candidates to re-sit.

When will we see one state-regulated examining body, instead of a series of businesses maximising profits, while hapless candidates are left to suffer?

Julia Root-Gutteridge

(aged 18) 28 Richmond Place

Lansdown, Bath

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