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Are exams easier? AQA A-level questions then and now

English literature

1983 Discuss and illustrate the purposes and effectiveness of the use of darkness in Macbeth

2003 Look again at Act 1 Scene 5 (of Twelfth Night), from about line 210, when Olivia says, "Give us the place alone" to the end of the scene.

Explore the dramatic significance of this episode.


1983 Plants differ in the amount of light required per day to induce flowering. They can be divided into three photoperiodic groups: long-day, short-day and day-neutral plants. How do day-neutral plants differ from the other two groups?

2003 The diagram shows part of a plant cell as seen through an electron microscope.

a) Name organelles A,B and C.

b) Give the function of structure X and structure Y


1983 The structures of three compounds are given. For each of the substrates wool and polyester, select one the above dyes and give a brief explanation for your choice.

2003 At 500C, the ionic product of water, Kw has the value 5.48 x 10 - 14 mol2 dm-6.

i) Define the term Kw

ii) Define the term pH

iii) Calculate the pH of pure water at 500C. Explain why pure water at 500C is still neutral even though its pH is not 7.

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