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Are these the nine greatest education-pop puns of all time?

You may have spotted that over the last 24 hours we’ve had a lot of fun on the #popschoolpuns Twitter hashtag sourcing what we believe to be the greatest ever collection of education-based pop music puns. Possibly the only collection, but definitely the best.

So much fun have we had, in fact, that we’ve decided to pull them all together, and award a shiny mug to a winner.
The winner is...

Hit me with Arithmetic, hit me, hit me

Followed closely by eight other wonderful puns…


Stereo Phonics
Headmaster Flash & the Furious Senior Leadership Team
Wu-tang plan
You Can Call Me Algebra
New Kids on the Science Block
Tuck Shop Boys
Michael Jackson's Black or Whiteboard
Alicia Keystage
Well done each and every one of you.

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