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Are you a lit champion?

1 Which Roald Dahl character was champion of the world?

2 Which proud and iridescently beautiful fish learned to make friends by sharing his scales?

3 Who, according to Babette Cole, laid an egg?

4 What is the name of the teenage action hero who has an American female minder called Jack Starbright?

5 Minnie the Minx is tougher than most boys. Which comic are you reading?

6 Who is the author of the Chrestomanci series?

7 By what more famous name is Theodore Geisel known?

8 Which animal is missing from this famous line-up: Toad, Water Rat, Badger and ...?

9 This author was one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century, writing books about fairies, enchanted woods and wishing chairs. Her most famous books were about a group of five children. Who is she?

10 Which house does Hogwarts pupil Draco Malfoy belong to?


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