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KS23: Dress up a pupil in climbing clothes and equipment; then pose them crawling horizontally across a table as if climbing a steep rock face; pupils draw the model, rotating the drawing afterwards by 90 degrees to give the impression that the pupil is climbing vertically (refer to TV film of Batman that used this technique to simulate dramatic climbing feats).

KS4: Study the many ways in which artists have portrayed mountains: surrealistic (see Rene Magritte, "The Domain of Arnheim"); majesty and splendour (see Anselm Adams's US National Parks photographs "Moon" and "Mount McKinley"); romantic (see Albert Bierstadt, "Sunrise, Yosemite Valley"); contrasting complementary colours and drama (see Kent Rockwell's "Resurrection Bay"): exploring visual energyseveral focal points (see Paul Cezanne, "Mont Sainte-Victoire"). Explore one of these approaches in producing a mountain scene, or use Adobe Photoshop to manipulate a mountain scene in some of these ways.

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