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KS 1-2: Powerful descriptions of a king holding a huge diamond or a queen wearing a resplendent crown could stimulate the making of a decorative collage.

Make the diamonds out of sequins, coloured foil and glitter powder.

Alternatively, paint a cross-section of the Earth - part-underground and part-above. For the explosive eruption of the diamonds, try flicking paint on to paper using a toothbrush.

KS 3-5: Make diamonds the theme of the annual leaving ball. Everyone attending must wear something with a diamond shape on it. Mathematically-minded art students can produce the hall centrepiece decoration - a dodecahedron made from standard-length garden plant supports joined together with elastic bands. To do this, measure half the diagonal of a skeleton cube. Using sticks of this length, build pyramids on all six faces of the cube. This produces a rhombic dodecahedron with 12 diamond-shaped faces (each made up of two pyramids). Clad the facets with silver foil, hang from the ceiling and project light on it.

John Bowden

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