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KS 1-2. Batman has a special car that performs all sorts of extraordinary feats, but what would a bicycle for a superhero look like? What would a flying bicycle be like and how would it work? Could a bicycle be designed that could cut the lawn or pick up litter while it was being ridden? For crazier bike ideas, check out the amazing "vertical tandem" on

KS 3

Read students the section of this article which describes the pressure generated by competing in a bicycle race as "three weeks of pulling your brains out with tweezers". In pairs, using a digital camera, they must produce a series of images in which they simulate extreme stress or exhaustion, leading to a finished self portrait.

This will convey the emotional stress of an extreme pressure situation that they might find themselves in, be it in an athletics event or any other personal physical challenge.


Ask an owner of a local bicycle shop to bring a competition racing bicycle into the classroom and talk about its special features. Introduce a graphic design project by researching contemporary racing cycle design and decoration. Students must produce a complete corporate image for a modern racing or cyclocross bicycle, including integrated colour scheme and all "decals", complete with a distinctive racing jersey and helmet.

Look at the many posters that have been produced for races such as the Tour de France. Ask students to design their own poster for an imaginary bicycle race that is being staged in the vicinity of the school. This should include planning the route. has 244 posters and illustrations of bicycles, including race posters such as Velodromo Comunale Vigorelli, by Gino Boccasile (1935), and Campionato Mondiale-ciclo, by Mancioli (1965).

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