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Key stage 2 and 3

Build your own large-scale lightweight "contemporary" pyramid. Each pupil produces their own regular tetrahedron pyramid from six pieces of dowel, each 60cm long. Arrange 35 of these in layers (1 3 6 10 15-triangular numbers) - start with the largest layer. Cover some planes with tissue paper, adorned with "contemporary" hieroglyphics - hang from ceiling and rotate, project dramatic shadows. Produce an Egyptian-style frieze by superimposing stylised figures, representing pupils engaged in a school activity, on to a repeat-print pattern background. Using clay slabs, make an Egyptian chamber with removable roof; include artefacts and figures of Egyptian kings (see Prince Rahotep and his wife, Egyptian Museum, Cairo), or draw a fantasy chamber interior based on the idea of early Egyptians being visitors from outer space.

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