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Art - A brush with popular artists

What is it?

"Artists and art movements" is a set of resources featuring images, information and lesson ideas on a series of popular artists, including activities based on the sorts of styles in which they worked.

How to use it

An introduction to Kandinsky and his works features biographical information and some of his most iconic images, uploaded by lardypaws. The detail that he listened to Wagner while he painted could be used as the basis for an activity where pupils close their eyes while listening to music and then paint or draw the images that came into their heads.

A PowerPoint on Gaudi, from treflys, looks at the inspiration for some of his mosaics and the techniques he used, while a lesson on Giacometti, from gems81, looks at his sculpture technique and then asks pupils to create their own Giacometti figure.

A William Morris PowerPoint, from howsoonisnow, includes details of his life as well as some images of his work. Resources on Picasso, from HarrisSchool, include a video of some of his portraits that can be used to illustrate his different styles, and a selection of documents from Louise Bruzon shows the different genres he used, including his rose and blue period and cubism. The pictures can be laminated for use in a discussion or circle time, or as inspiration for pupils' work.

Resources on art movements include a PowerPoint on pop art, from nhktfc, and another on pop art and Andy Warhol, from FenellaF. An activity from lyannemarsh asks pupils to produce a portrait using one of four styles: pointillism, pop art, impressionism and fauvism.

Where to find it

The collection can be found at

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