The arts at risk

The Scottish Office recently issued a White Paper, Raising the Standard, concerning education and skills development in Scotland. SALVO, the Scottish arts lobby, noted with concern that in this document there was only one paragraph referring directly to the relationship, a fundamental relationship, between arts and education, and that to the valuable but specialised work of St Mary's Music School. There was no mention of the theatre, of the other performing arts, or the visual arts, of broadcasting and only glancingly of film.

The education system must do two things. For all pupils and students, it should encourage an informed appreciation of our artistic heritage; and for those who hope to make it their career, provide suitable training. An education system that does not fully reflect the arts is an incomplete educational system, and society as a whole is the poorer.

JOHN GRAY, Chair, Salvo, co Royal Lyceum, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh

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