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Artwork after the Emin row

Schools and artists need to think carefully about what happens to the artwork that results from collaboration.

I understand why, faced with a pound;3,000 bill for putting Ms Emin's and the children's collective efforts on display, Ecclesbourne school might think the money might be better spent elsewhere (TES, April 2). I have some suggestions to offer schools which are considering working with artists in residence.

If you want to keep people happy, create something that is durable and can't be moved.

Our superb artwork resulting from a collaboration with Sebastian Easton took the form of a mural (you published a picture of it last year). We can't remove it or sell it as it is part of the building. We haven't had to frame it or put it behind Perspex to protect it, so the upkeep costs are nil. No one has argued about it becoming a commodity, and it remains in context.

He did a great job, his artistic integrity remains intact, and we really liked the experience he brought to our children. Our website tells you more at, and his website gives you a flavour of his abilities at

David McMahon Head, Five Bridges school 331 Kennington lane London SE11

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