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Dates and events to inspire pupils. British Food Fortnight - Sept 20-Oct 5 What's the big idea? - This is the biggest national celebration of our food. Shops, pubs and restaurants run promotions, tastings and special menus, and schools are encouraged to invite in chefs and specialist producers.

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Assembly ideas

The British Food Fortnight website has lots of resources and a host of ideas tried out by schools last year.

Cooks and chefs across the country have signed up to work with schools during the event to help teachers organise practical cookery activities.

The aim is to emulate the French, who send 3,500 chefs into schools every October to teach children about the delights of their national cuisine. Organisations representing more than 9,000 chefs have volunteered their support.

This is a good opportunity to talk about healthy eating and the Government's Five a Day campaign. The Food Standards Agency suggests linking the Beano's Bash Street Kids to their favourite fruit and veg, while other assembly creators do a class assembly and get children talking about their favourite foods.

Another option is a more traditional harvest festival, which can involve food donations to a local charity, or during which children could be shown bread and its ingredients, and asked to reflect on the food they have.

Help, I don't have enough time to prepare

- Readymade assembly plans are available at: ietschool_assembly5adaypoem.

- Where can I go for more information?

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Tes Editorial

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