Assembly point - Looking ahead to a new school year

Dates and events to inspire pupils

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What's it all about?

September is an exciting and important time for your pupils: they are dealing with change - a new teacher, at the least - and anticipating the year ahead.

Assembly ideas

Welcome new pupils with positive statements about what they can expect, before moving on to specifics about what is planned for the year.

For primary children, you could do a learning assembly using props. You'll need eight boxes, preferably all the same size and each with a big letter on the front that spells out LEARNING.

You could start by talking about what happens in school, and how important it is to build a good school year and a good school. What goes into that?

Get the child holding the G to come up, and ask for G words that link to things you do, study or see at school (score goals at break, learn geography, wear glasses).

Call up all the other letters in turn, going through the same process, and get the pupils to build them into a tower. It can be fun if the pupils are wearing hard hats and carrying tools. Once they have built LEARNING, talk about how all of these things are important for a good school, and show how the tower would collapse if you remove one block.

For secondary pupils, a good initial assembly would ask them to set goals for the year. You might start by talking about a sporting hero such as an Olympic gold medallist, and move on to their own aspirations.

Help, I don't have enough time to prepare

There are ready made primary and secondary plans at

Where can I go for more information?

There are many assembly plans at, including one suitable for September on the themes of change and autumn: see

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