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Attendance fraud

I am uneasy about a conversation I recently had with my line manager about registration. I am well aware that funding is reliant on attendance but I still fill out my register accurately. Now I have been asked to mark students present even though they have dropped out at least until funding has been secured. To me this is is fraud.My job was not threatened but it was made clear that without the college I would be without a job.

A: Your manager is clearly under a lot of pressure. More importantly, is the funding system creating a culture of unscrupulousness and is there a tacit acknowledgement between FE and Whitehall that this kind of abuse goes on.

After all the Government is more concerned with statistics it can wheel out at election time than people. Seek advice from your union and if you feel the pressure rising report the situation to the college management stating that corporate fraud is not in your job description.

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