Auralog's Tell me More range of software

The Tell me More range of software produced by Auralog in Paris allows students to "speak" to a computer to perform a range of functions. In one video sequence set in a restaurant, a waiter questions the student and responds accordingly, so an unpredictable dialogue ensues. There are opportunities to check grammar, practise reading, listening and writing and sharpen up on pronunciation. Students can even compare the visual representation of their sond waves with those of a native speaker so they can see at a glance where to improve.

Tell me More Pro is distributed by Talkfast Language Software. Prices from pound;150 for single copy, one language, GCSE level. Network versions and other language levels also available. Tel: 0208 948 1011. Website:

Richard Marsden is an independent advisory teacher and author of the German course Klartext, published by John Murray

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