Baby Mama

A cast of loveable doofuses, grade-A writing and a sterling performance from Alec Baldwin as the creepy channel boss made 30 Rock, a sitcom about life behind the scenes of a US comedy, a hit when it premiered on NBC in 2006.

Now Tina Fey, the show's creator, is seeking a career in the movies, and Baby Mama, written by fellow Saturday Night Live graduate Michael McCullers, is her first star vehicle, aside from a bit part in 2004's Mean Girls, which she wrote and acted in as an exasperated maths teacher.

The plot is timely: a high-flying career girl finds herself going gooey-eyed over babies and decides to rent the womb of New Jersey bimbo Angie (Amy Poehler), after finding she's got little chance of conceiving her own child.

Cue a funny-enough "odd couple" movie that fails to attain the caustic perfection of 30 Rock, despite an engaging performance from Fey and some good set pieces (watch out for the crazy birthing class teacher). Fine for a weekday night, though, and good to see Fey still going strong.

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