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How likely is it that not knowing the basics of probability will detrimentally affect your life? Ensure your students can weigh up the odds with these 10 lessons on that fickle element, chance

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1. Play your cards right What is it? A simple PowerPoint slide using the example of a pack of cards to teach probability

What users say "Simplicity is everything sometimes - excellent!"


2. To die for

What is it? A simulated game of dice that relies on players' abilities to calculate chance

What users say "Great filler, very engaging."


3. Take a chance

What is it? A range of worksheets and activities on the topic of probability

What users say "Love it! Very useful for all curriculums."


4. Beat the bookie

What is it? A fun plane race simulation that lets you update the odds for each participant winning at any stage

What users say "Really good resource. Nice functional skills element. My students love it."


5. Right or wrong

What is it? A set of true or false probability cards on PowerPoint slides

What users say "Great resource, I will be using this tomorrow as a revision activity."


6. The main event

What is it? Notes and a worksheet on single-event probabilities

What users say "Informative and easy-to-understand, with broad applications."


7. Customised cubes

What is it? Virtual dice for the interactive whiteboard with 6, 8, 10 or 12 faces

What users say "Very useful tool to have if, like me, you never have dice available."


8. Profit prophets

What is it? Instructions for creating a probability game involving a die or spinner, designed to promote thinking about probability and profit

What users say "Fabulous idea... I will be trying it with my middle set."


9. Another throw

What is it? Student-friendly revision notes ideal for those aged 14-16

What users say "As a non-specialist maths teacher, this is simple and gives time to plan."


10. Take your cue

What is it? Numerical investigation into the chances of winning a game of snooker What users say "A nice task for higher-ability students. Leads towards binomial distribution."


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Tes Editorial

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