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Analysing language is not just important in English exams - decoding meaning is essential to everything from socialising to safety. Get students looking for the core message with these resources

1 Forage in non-fiction

What is it? A comprehensive lesson to help students practise comparing the linguistic features of non-fiction texts

What users say "A well-designed PowerPoint with some excellent tasks to help students move forward in their learning. Invaluable."


2 Behind the media

What is it? An interactive resource exploring the linguistic features of media sources - such as websites and magazines - and their effects

What users say "Great resource preparing students for analysing language. This could easily be incorporated into a unit of work to support preparation for the reading section in English exams."


3 Novel discovery

What is it? An example of language analysis for revision purposes, based on Michael Morpurgo's book Private Peaceful

What users say "Thank you so much - you've saved me a lot of time. Fantastic resource."


4 Text talk

What is it? A detailed lesson on comparing the language features of two texts

What users say "Incredibly comprehensive and detailed. Bravo and thank you so much for sharing these."


5 Factual analysis

What is it? A set of resources to prepare students for analysing non-fiction texts in an exam

What users say "Good revision aids to help students develop the tools to analyse texts for language and presentational devices. I particularly like the language toolkit."


6 Impact assessment

What is it? An exploration of how writers use vocabulary and language devices to achieve desired effects, based on a poem by Wilfred Owen

What users say "This is fabulous. You really have thought of everything."


7 Travel test

What is it? A clear and colourful presentation that guides students through analysing a travel brochure

What users say "Lovely lesson, well resourced, thanks for sharing."


8 Find the fallacy

What is it? An introduction to pathetic fallacy and an exploration of how Charles Dickens (left) used this technique

What users say "Thank you for a great PowerPoint on a difficult concept."


9 Language lesson

What is it? An exam-focused lesson that reviews how to identify and write about language techniques

What users say "Fantastic lesson. Thanks for sharing."


10 Poets' points

What is it? A simple template for analysing poetry quotations in detail

What users say "Excellent resource. Looks great and it is applicable to more than the poems you have noted."


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