Back the staff

O'Neill Hemmings Pimlico parent, London

Why did Pimlico receive a short-notice Ofsted inspection last term, and "special measures", despite being the most improved school in Westminster, three terms previously (TES, March 30)? As yet no answer to this question has been forthcoming from Ofsted.

And what of the claims that new rules in the school have had an impact? The "no hats, caps and hoodies" rule was already in place before the arrival of interim headteacher, Jo Shuter.

You report that the interim head said: "Teachers had abdicated responsibility." But Ofsted judged that "good relationships among teachers and students are evident in lessons" and, in a letter to students, wrote:

"It is clear that you value the support that your teachers give you and the emphasis placed on your development as individuals."

Students, parents and, in particular, music staff would appreciate some show of support from a headteacher who is "not afraid to speak her mind".

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