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A bad year for

* TARGETS, which kept being missed. In 2002, truancy was still at 0.7 per cent of half-day sessions missed (target: a third lower than that), and only 73 per cent of 11-year-olds reached the expected standard in maths tests and 75 per cent in English (targets: 75 and 80 per cent). There were more than 10,500 infants in classes over 30 in September (target: 0), although only 19 classes breached the size limit without reasons permitted by law. There are no national targets for 2003.

* THE NATIONAL LITERACY STRATEGY, which was not good enough to enable schools to hit the key stage 2 target or to please the Office for Standards in Education. It is now being merged with the National Numeracy Strategy to become the Primary Strategy.

* DAVID NORMINGTON, permanent secretary at the Department for Education and Skills, who told MPs he was "ashamed" of his department's handling of the pound;273m individual learning accounts scheme. The adult learning scheme was closed down last year amid allegations of abuse and fraud.

FEFocus, 31

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