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Ban soft drinks from schools

Soft drinks vending machines in schools should be banned. I've heard so many teachers curse the last lesson of the day when their class is hyperactive on a sugar rush, due to soft drinks. It is our responsibility as guardians of future generations to promote good, healthy, tasty food that inspires a nutritious, healthy food culture.

Banning soft drinks from school vending machines should be matched by a ban on junk food advertising on children's TV. We have for far too long allowed the food and drink industry to influence our children through an unending barrage of junk food advertising.

The more children are persuaded to consume soft drinks the more they become obese and vulnerable to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. As parents we now face the prospect of seeing our children suffer with premature chronic diseases and even outliving them. As a society we will have to pay dearly for the increasing cost of NHS treatment.

The food and drink industry will not be paying for this just collecting huge profits. Last year it spent half a billion pounds on advertising.

Just like the once-powerful cigarette companies whose advertising was everywhere, the junk food industry will, I hope, have to carry health warnings one day and school-time advertising will be banned from our TVs.

Jenny Jones

Deputy mayor of London

Green member of London Assembly Chair of London Food City Hall, London SE1

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