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Bang on target

Pupils have a hammer of a time in this revision activity. Write several themeskey words on A4 sheets of paper and pin them up at the front of the class, spreading them out as much as possible.

Bring two pupils up to the front and issue each one with an inflatable hammer (bought off eBay) and begin firing questions, for which the answers are already pinned up.

For a revision session on growth and development, write the six life stages on the sheets and ask: During which life stage do secondary sexual characteristics develop? (adolescence); Which life stage would you be in if you're 49 years old? (middle adulthood); During which life stage do you develop your first locomotive skill? (infancy).

The first pupil to hit the right answer with their hammer wins a point and the first one to reach five points wins the game.

The answers are fairly spread out, which gives struggling pupils more of a chance of winning if questions with answers nearer where they are standing are chosen.

This can be done as a team or an individual exercise. Pupils can design the questions if you're short of time.

Karen Lancaster teaches A-level philosophy and health and social care at Loughborough College in Leicestershire.

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