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Banish these bullying bosses

YOUR article on the "thieving head" (TES, July 18), shows that the bullying of teachers is rampant in some of our schools.

As chairperson of DAWN (Dignity At Work Now), an anti-bullying support group, I am very familiar with cases where teachers have been treated with a contempt all too similar to that experienced by the staff at Colleen McCabe's school, St John Rigby, Kent.

Unscrupulous heads are capable of using all kinds of tactics to maintain their regimes of fear. The public will rightly condemn Miss McCabe for stealing such an enormous amount from school funds. Let us also hope they will have the same level of concern for the welfare of those teachers - one of whom branded Miss McCabe a "female version of Saddam Hussein" - who suffered as a result of her bullying.

It is to be regretted that governing bodies are frequently reluctant to fully investigate instances of bullying perpetrated by senior managers.

Keith Munday. 41 Woodrow Crescent. Knowle. Solihull, West Midlands

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