Banned: Maths teacher who covered up being sacked

Teacher believed the only way he could get a job was to cover up previous disciplinary record

Teacher banned

A maths teacher who tried to cover up being sacked from a previous school where he had "crossed boundaries" and posed "significant" safeguarding concerns has been banned from the classroom for life.

Ebrahim Kajee, 54, landed a job at Bexleyheath Academy, in south-east London, but because he had lied on his application form, senior leaders were unaware that he had been sacked from Brompton Academy, where he had previously worked.

A panel of the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA), sitting online, learned that his application stated that he’d been employed at Oasis Academy Hextable from 2011 to 2015, when, in fact, from 2014 to 15 he had been employed at Brompton Academy – from where he had been sacked after a written warning, followed by a final warning.

The TRA report states: ”Mr Kajee made this statement to improve the chances of his application being successful by concealing the fact that he had been employed at Brompton Academy, where he had been subject to allegations of misconduct and disciplinary action. Mr Kajee was successful in his application and started employment with Bexleyheath Academy in July 2018.”

'Significant' safeguarding concerns

The TRA report doesn’t disclose details about the alleged misconduct other than stating that it “ranged from disregarding management instructions, crossing boundaries and significant concerns regarding the safeguarding of pupils”.

Nor does it reveal how the deception was discovered by senior staff at Bexleyheath Academy, where, after six months, Mr Kajee was summoned to a disciplinary hearing amid allegations that he had falsified his job application. He resigned before it took place.

Yet six months later he again falsified an application for a maths teaching job, this time at Holcombe Grammar School, where he stated in his application that he had not been subject to any disciplinary action in his current or previous positions.

He was, in the end, successful with another application for the position of "second in charge of maths" at Victory Academy, which did not ask for his previous history of disciplinary action, the TRA report states.

It adds, however, that “over a sustained period of time and on more than one occasion, Mr Kajee had deliberately attempted to cover up the facts” of his dismissal in order to secure a teaching job “that would not otherwise have been available to him.”

The report states; “Furthermore, Mr Kajee falsely stated that he was employed by a school that had closed, which meant that his alleged former employment at that school could not be validated.”

Following the examination of documents, the panel was satisfied that the two allegations of providing false and/or misleading information and a third that his conduct lacked integrity and/or was dishonest were proven.

In admitting the allegations against him, Mr Kajee stated that, following his dismissal, he suffered with health concerns, financial pressures and emotional stress. He said he felt he could only secure a post in teaching by omitting to disclose the disciplinary procedures.

However, the TRA panal found that Mr Kajee “was responsible for serious dishonesty, lack of integrity and had not shown insight into his actions or remorse” and banned him from teaching for life.

However, he may apply for the ban to be lifted in 10 years' time.

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