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Bar put on sixth-form beer bus

DENMARK. Danish sixth-formers, who already top the alcohol consumption statistics in international studies, are being enticed into pubs by increasingly aggressive marketing methods such as free rounds, advertised on posters inside schools and colleges.

But the latest tactic used to entice sixth-formers into his pub, a free beer bus, could cost Per Thaulow Gremstrup, from Herning, west of Aarhus, his licence.

Having already advertised the bus, Mr Gremstrup collected pupils from the town's sixth-form college, technical school and commercial college as they left after their final lessons on a Friday. The sixth-formers were plied with free draught beer as they were driven to his pub, named East End, where the first round was also on the house.

"There's fierce competition for customers, especially on Friday afternoons, " said Mr Gremstrup.

However, Herning police said Mr Gremstrup was not licensed to serve beer in the bus and he has been charged with breaking a marketing law. "It's a tasteless example of very bad business morals," said assistant commissioner Kaj Stendorf Jensen.

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