Barbie dole

PSHE Ages 5 to 9

She's pink, she's fluffy. He's cool and debonair. They are Barbie and Ken.

Use these celebrities in your classroom to teach about "judging others" and build self-esteem.

Dress Barbie and Ken in smart clothes first. Make up a case study: "This is Barbie and Ken. They are X years old." List all their positive attributes such as kind, caring and friendly.

Next, swap their clothes for shabby ones. Ask pupils what they notice about Barbie and Ken. Then ask the pupils: "Have they changed as people because of the clothes they are wearing?" and: "Are they no longer kind because their appearance has changed?"

This is a particularly useful lesson for pupils who bicker about expensive trainers and designer labels

Cindy Silvester is a supply teacher and teaches key stages 1 and 2 throughout Greater Manchester

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