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Bart and the bard

Avid Jotter fan Dylan McThomas, recalling our previous listing of McGettrick's public duties and roles, has penned a verse or two in admiration. He calls it a "hoedown".

There's committees needing chairing, When the atmosphere's electric, There's only one man you can call, And his name is Bart McGettrick.

Able children, Higher Still, His knowledge is eclectic, He's a one man SOEID, And they call him Bart McGettrick.

He runs St Andrew's College too, His life must be so hectic, Does he work a 20- hour day, This man called Bart McGettrick?

And when his time on earth is o'er, Will St Peter say, "McGettrick, I've a Pearly Gates committee, Will you chair it, Bart McGettrick?"

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