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Battle of the saints

What to call the new Catholic high school in Coatbridge formed by the merger of St Patrick's High and Columba High? St Benedict's? Sacred Heart? St James's, or perhaps St Andrew's?

These were indeed the recommendations of the school board. Staff and parents voted for St Andrew's and shunned the perhaps more apt St Benedict's, which would have deep meaning for many in the community.

It is a well-known fact - spun by Airdrie residents - that Coatbridge locals have a long association with the Benedictine monks in Devon where that popular elixir, Buckfast Tonic Wine, commonly consumed on street corners, is brewed with distinction.

St "Buckie" High would have tickled a few palates.

Instead, it is to be St Andrew's High, racking up the seventh Catholic secondary in Scotland to be called after Scotland's patron saint, a good Catholic if ever there was one.

This might cause some confusion, not least in the east end of Glasgow, not a few miles distant, where the highly successful St Andrew's Secondary is located.

Perhaps there is a cunning plan.

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