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BBC takes pupils to Soweto for a day


British schools can get a flavour of what it might be like to link with African schools on Wednesday when BBC News 24, Breakfast and Newsround spend a day at Phefeni school in Soweto.

The BBC has invited schools in the UK to watch live and put their questions and comments to the pupils and teachers. Children will be able to share the working day - from breakfast and the school run, to lessons and lunchtime, break and the journey home.

Virginia Crompton of BBC World Class, a global links website, said: "It's a chance to find out what pupils are taught, how discipline works and, 30 years after the Soweto uprising - when thousands of black students rebelled against apartheid - how life has changed a generation later."

Fergal Keane, the BBC's former Africa correspondent, will host School Day: South Africa, which will be fully interactive on News 24 digital and streamed on BBC News Online - with a special website containing school resources.

Schools can take part by watching the live broadcasts on TV or via the internet on their white- boards. All the broadcasts will be recorded on the website for use later or on another day.

The web address is

* The British Council is recruiting 360 schools to link in clusters of three with clusters in two African countries to create an intercultural dialogue and train young people in sport. Search for Connecting Classrooms on

Next week in The TES: eyewitnesses remember the Soweto riots

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