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The bed, the Bard and the body

This year's Information Book Award winners

Junior Information Book


Wonderwise: What's Under the Bed? by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom. Watts Pounds 8.99, Pounds 3.99

Clever yet simple. Young readers will curl up with this book even though it deals with lots of big ideas and has a complex of interweaving detail. Its structure owes much to the familiar, musically repetitive nursery genre typified by The House that Jack Built. Building from "What's under the bed?" to "What's under the bed, the floorboards, the wires and pipes, the mouse nest, the soil I?", the text leads you on a journey of exploration down under. Paul Noble (TES, March 7)


Flytraps by Martin Jenkins. Illustrated by David Parkins. Walker Pounds 4.99

Science Mysteries: Sleep by Lesley Newson. AC Black Pounds 8.99

I Wonder Why Snakes Shed Their Skin? and Other Questions about Reptiles by Amanda O'Neill. Kingfisher Pounds 8.99, Pounds 4.99

Senior Information Book


The World of Shakespeareby Anna Claybourne and Rebecca Treays. Usborne Pounds 9.99, Pounds 7.99

A fresh approach and all-round quality on a big subject. An ambitious title, but the compression of so much on this subject into just over 60 pages is miraculous. Mark Williamson (TES, March 7)


The Medieval Messenger by Fergus Fleming. Usborne Pounds 9.99, Pounds 7.99

The Human Body: An Inside Look at You by Steve Parker. CarltonWatts Pounds 12.99

The Young Oxford Book of the Human Being by David Glover. Oxford University Press Pounds 14.99, Pounds 12.99

Entries are now invited for the 1998 TES book awards. The closing date is December 13 and the winner will be announced in The TES in March 1998.

Details from Elizabeth Kilburn, TESEPC Book Awards, I Kingsway, London WC2B 6XF. Tel: 0171 565 7474; fax: 0171 836 4543.

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