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While I have every sympathy with the newly qualified postgraduates (TESS, July 5) in their desperate search for teaching posts, surely it must be time to spare a thought to others, like myself, who have spent four years completing a BEd course and may find ourselves also jobless.

The one-year PGCE primary and music courses (now no longer offered) have always been a bone of contention with my fellow students in that they could, to quote: "be doing us out of jobs after us studying for four years". Perhaps it would be an interesting study to see if more PGCE or BEd students are employed in any teaching post (temporary or otherwise) in August.

ANDREW WALLACE BEd (Hons) Music President, Northern College Students' Association (Aberdeen), 1993-95 * Andrew Wallace will take up a temporary teaching job at Webster's High, Kirriemuir in September.

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