Beefed up praise, Wellington style

Tes Editorial

Ever since the Prussians bailed us out at Waterloo, the British have had the knack of rewriting history to cover themselves in glory. Even very recent history, as the issue of the funding gap between colleges and schools has shown.

The Association of Colleges, and Natfhe, could claim with some justification that their tireless campaigning might have had something to do with Education Secretary Ruth Kelly's announcement that she intends to narrow the funding gap.

The Duke of Wellington award for audacious credit-taking, however, must surely go to Richard Spring, the Conservative MP for West Suffolk.

Travelling home, I tuned into BBC Radio Suffolk to hear him say the following: "Last year I actually introduced a debate in the House of Commons pointing out the financial difficulties and pleading with the Government to actually look into this.

"So I'm very pleased indeed that this seems to have worked and Suffolk has been a beneficiary."


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Tes Editorial

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