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In the beginning was Nye Bevan

I'm glad to see that Nye Bevan is still a Welsh hero. The Welsh playwright and teacher Gadfan Morris once told me the story of the head of a school in Wales asking the children to wonder at their good fortune.

"This beautiful school we have, who do we have to thank for it?"

Tommy Evans put his hand up and shouted: "Nye Bevan, Miss."

The head beamed and said: "Well answered, Tommy."

"And our lovely new library in town, who do we have to thank?"

"Nye Bevan," Tommy shouted. The head beamed again.

"And this beautiful land of Wales - who do we have to thank for that?"

Myfanwy Jones put her hand up and said: "God, Miss."

And Tommy shouted: "Don`t listen to her Miss, she`s a Tory."

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