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Behaviour issues call for support

Not surprisingly the Peter Harvey case has led to a surge in calls to the Teacher Support Network ("Pupil attack case prompts tense teachers to bombard helpline", May 7).

At Teachers TV, we have received a steady stream of requests for support with behaviour issues. Knowing that teachers need advice is the obvious part; the trickier question is what form it should take.

It certainly helps to talk to somebody, and practical advice of the sort offered by Doug Lemov and his 49 techniques is useful. But these can only take you so far - because maintaining good classroom behaviour is a complex process. What works in some circumstances may not work in others.

Teachers learn a lot more and build their confidence if they observe poor behaviour and strategies for dealing with it. That's why our interactive Behaviour Challenge has proved so popular with teachers (more than 84,000 downloads in the first few weeks).

By using realistic reconstructions, it shows how different strategies play out with three challenging pupils. The behaviour modelled here is not that far from that experienced by Mr Harvey, so those callers might find it a useful resource to try.

Andrew Bethall, Chief executive, Teachers TV.

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