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Being vulgar is just so over

The broadcast and print media had fun last week with the tale of a Plymouth garage whose "culture" is said to consist of covering its walls with photographs of naked women, and a disapproving FE college backed up by the Adult and Learning Inspectorate.

Mr Jeffery, the Plymouth garage owner, complains that his problem is "great difficulty in finding trainees".

It is worth considering that he would find things easier if he were to set out his stall to attract bright young women and people from ethnic minorities, both of whom are likely to find the macho world of the old-fashioned garage unappealing.

The big motor dealers, just like the big construction companies, discovered long ago that sexism and sexist images are not just vulgar but irredeemably old hat.

David Sherlock

Chief inspector

Adult Learning Inspectorate

Herald Avenue, Coventry

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