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Beliefs cannot be changed to suit

I have just read Rabbi Sidney Brichto's article on Mel Gibson's The Passion.

I was shocked to see his closing statement that RE teachers should tell children that "it may not have happened this way". I am a primary school governor assigned to RE.

Our teachers teach RE in a way that says "Christians believe..." or "Hindus believe...". We cannot change a religion to fit in with someone else's beliefs. Rabbi Brichto seems to have forgotten that Jesus himself was a Jew and lived in a Jewish nation, so the religious leaders of the day would have been Jews.

There was no one else to hand Him over to die. The biblical truth is that God sent his son to die for the sins of mankind, so it is the fault of God and of every human being that has ever walked on this earth.

My role as an RE governor is to ensure my teachers teach their lessons accurately and I will carry on encouraging them to do so.

Suzanne Harding

13 Johns Close


East Sussex

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