The benefits of school milk

It's an irresistible thought in election year: bring back free school milk.

That daily third of a pint for primary pupils - half-frozen or greasily lukewarm, depending on the weather - has such a hold on the national imagination that the "Maggie Thatcher milk-snatcher" jibe is still repeated 33 years after she removed it from over-sevens. (Who remembers that Labour abolished secondary school milk, and that Mrs Thatcher was acting under orders from the Prime Minister, Ted Heath?) Those who remember drinking the stuff may have mixed feelings about its return, but it must be good to provide a nutritious, unsweetened drink for growing children. A joined-up government would also raise the nutritional standards of school dinners and ban vending machines in secondaries (whose caffeine-packed drinks remove calcium from young bones). All together now:

"Tony Blair: does he care?"

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