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Better ICT teaching is a must in this world

In a world where commerce, industry and our daily lives are dominated by technology, Ofsted's revelation that "A fifth of secondaries offer inadequate ICT teaching" (16 December) is shocking.

We have recently seen stories about how young people entering the workplace are under-prepared and lacking the skills required. Technology is an important part of this.

Students learn most effectively when they are engaged and encouraged to interact, and when the content is meaningful to their lives. Technology not only makes lessons more collaborative, but also has a real-life meaning for the 21st-century learner. Today's generation of schoolchildren have grown up accustomed to technology in the home, and it is vital that we harness this learning and support it within the classroom to prepare them for their future occupations.

The Department for Education and education leaders must work together to address the issues with ICT for the benefit of the future economy of the country.

Jim Wynn, Chief education officer, Promethean, Maidenhead, Berkshire.

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