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Beyond nature

Silkworm kits

Warwick Insect Technologies have a new range of live silkworm-based education modules on insect lifestyles, growth, behaviour and textiles. The range complements the company's existing butterfly and stick insect projects. The new kits cover topics such as the growth and development of the mulberry silkworm, and include a growth experiment and a textile project about the journey from silkworm to silk tie.The kits include student and teacher notes and material for key stages 1-4 in English, maths, science, art and DT.

* Warwick Insect Technologies Stand S31

Butterflies in class

Insect Lore is selling kits that let pupils raise butterflies, ants, worms and more in the classroom. Books, puzzles, games and outdoor activities on topics such as springtime can inspire pupils to get outside and closer to nature.

* Insect Lore Stand EY-W23

Compost corner

The Rolypig Composter is a step forward in school composting. It is child-friendly and tempts pupils to feed their Rolypig at breaktime. Lift the nose and see the feeding chute channel waste into the first of its compartments. There are no internal moving parts and no external power required, other than some minimal physical effort. The system is continuous-flow, so it never fills up.

* The Rolypig Composter Stand Q52

Science in the real world

Boardworks is launching two products as part of the How Science Works core of 2006 GCSE specifications. Boardworks GCSE Science 2006 and GCSE Additional Science 2006 give teachers all they need to teach the specifications on interactive whiteboard. The resources, fully cross-referenced to all the main syllabuses, explore science in the real world with context-driven interactive activities. Additional Science 2006 delves into the ideas underlying scientific principles and concepts, and has engaging activities that explain and explore theories and models in science.

* Boardworks Stand PZ-M31

GCSE Revision

Smart Aspirations is launching Geniass, a GCSE revision game featuring 1,500 questions and answers on chemistry maths, physics, and biology. With three levels of difficulty there is plenty to satisfy all ages ranges and abilities. Its multi-sensory approach is also helpful for dyslexics. Geniass can be used for in-class revision, during after-school clubs or at home, where teenagers can show off their knowledge while getting others in on the laughs.

* Smart Aspirations Stand V56

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