Big Apple beckons as the Yanks come recruiting

"THE magnetism of New York is set to pull Scottish science and mathematics teachers across the Atlantic to new careers in the United States. The state has already shipped in 24 Austrian teachers and is also looking to Switzerland.

Steve Higgins, managing director of Executive Network, the East Kilbride recruitment agency behind the drive, said a senior manager read an article in the New York Times about the Austrian staff and contacted the state education department.

"We suggested teachers in Scotland are very highly qualified and that the education system has a high reputation," Mr Higgins said "They are going through the process with the Austrians at the moment but we will do a recruitment programme over here. We will also explain the needs of other states."

But would Scots teachers not be put off by New York's tough reputation? "New York State is a big state and problems are in one or two areas," Mr Higgins said. "Salaries are quite competitive and it will be a refreshment thing for people.

"A lot of teachers are on contract here, so why not have a couple of years' contract in the States? The difference between the cost of living and salary is wider and you have got more money to spend."

Gary Barton, New York's deputy director of human resources, said the Austrians had met remarkable goodwill in the classroom.

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