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Big Brother's Glyn absent for A-levels

Big Brother contestant Glyn Wise has missed his A-levels because of his popularity among his housemates in the reality-TV house.

The 18-year-old Welsh schoolboy was entered for A-level exams in art, English and Welsh this summer. But the head boy at Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, in north Wales, has not yet been selected for eviction by his housemates since the first week of the Channel 4 series.

As a result, he has missed his English exams and his Welsh written papers.

He had already taken his Welsh oral exam and submitted all his art coursework before he entered the house.

Prior to this year's Big Brother contest, he had hoped to study Welsh at Bangor university in the autumn.

Ifor Efans, head of Dyffryn Conwy, said: "He's taken a gamble. Personally, I think he's in a win-win situation. If he does well on Big Brother, that will be a new career. If not, he could have enough points from his art and his AS papers to go to university."

Glyn, a part-time lifeguard who had never boiled an egg before entering the Big Brother house, will keep the role of head boy at Dyffryn Conwy until another is appointed in September. He was previously head boy at Ysgol y Moelwyn, in Gwynedd, where he sat his GCSEs.

Bethan Jones-Evans, his former PE teacher, said: "He was an A* student the whole way through. I was shocked to see him go in and miss his A-levels.

But he sees this as an opportunity. He can always do his A-levels next year."

Glyn's experiences reflect the findings of a new survey undertaken by Careers Wales, which revealed that increasing numbers of school-leavers are going on the dole, many in the hope of finding fame on reality-TV programmes.

While staff and pupils at Ysgol y Moelwyn have been tuning in regularly, Mr Efans said he rarely watches Big Brother but was happy with what he had seen of his pupil.

"We're proud of Glyn," he said. "His language has been quite clean, and he gives the impression of being fairly reserved and level-headed."

Glyn's activities on the programme - which include kissing 35-year-old housemate Lea, who claims to have the largest breasts in the country - have met with approval in his home town of Blaenau Ffestiniog.

One contributor to the BBC's online discussion forum said: "Glyn remains genuine and liked by all. A credit to Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy."

Ms Jones-Evans agrees. "He's a credit to the school," she said. "He's pretty honest in the way he talks and acts with people. And he's not done anything to embarrass us. Yet."

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