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The big budget bonfire: who and what will go up in flames

They're the most severe local authority spending reductions in decades, with everything from depute heads to clothing grants and school heating set to fall by the wayside - and it's only going to get worse next year

They're the most severe local authority spending reductions in decades, with everything from depute heads to clothing grants and school heating set to fall by the wayside - and it's only going to get worse next year

There is scarcely an area of education spending not affected after the setting of local authority budgets for 2011-12, the most fraught in decades.

The full impact on teachers will not emerge until next year at least, by which time spending decisions will be even more austere and the outcome of the national review of teachers' terms and conditions known. Compulsory redundancies for teachers remain largely out of the question - for now.

Aberdeen City Council, which a few weeks ago was on the point of forcing through compulsory redundancies, no longer stands apart as a tale of financial woe - the economic downturn has required unpalatable decisions throughout Scotland.

- Aberdeen proposes to save pound;500,000 by increasing the pupil-teacher ratio for additional support needs, in primary and secondary, to 1:10.

- More use of in-school and online continuing professional development will contribute to a pound;100,000 CPD saving in Fife.

- Angus will reduce promoted posts in all secondary schools, saving pound;265,000, while replacement of nursery teachers with early-years practitioners represents pound;120,000.

- The introduction of a standard 33-period week in North Ayrshire secondaries will save pound;197,000; stopping the supply of milk and free fruit saves pound;192,000.

- East Ayrshire is ending universal free meals for P1 (pound;95,000) and saving through joint headships (pound;93,000), a reduction in administrative staff (pound;100,000) and removing 10 full-time classroom assistant posts (pound;95,000).

- Scottish Borders will turn off heating in schools and council offices over the summer, to save pound;100,000, and cut school clothing and footwear grants to the poorest children for a pound;17,000 saving.

- Highland will ditch the limit of 20 pupils in S1-2 English and maths classes to save pound;1.1 million; a 2.6 per cent reduction in secondary and special school budgets amounts to pound;1.2m, while it will remove all primary classroom assistants (pound;883,000) and reduce management time in the primary sector (pound;728,000).

- North Lanarkshire is removing all free transport for secondary pupils living within three miles of school, to save pound;1m. Shutting the "toy library" - free lending of toys to childminders - will save pound;130,000.

- The introduction of a common timetable for Highers and Advanced Highers in all 29 Glasgow secondaries will save pound;250,000, and more in future years; five area principal psychologists will reduce to three (pound;350,000) and foreign language assistants will be withdrawn (pound;300,000).

- Falkirk is introducing shared headships in primaries with fewer than 100 pupils, stopping free school meals for P1s, and increasing charges for childcare and school meals.

- Removing 10 depute head and 21 guidance teacher jobs will save Dundee pound;844,000; ending the Quality Contact transition project, which helps vulnerable pupils in moving up to secondary school, rakes back pound;165,000.

- East Renfrewshire will reduce management and administrative posts (pound;670,000); online payment of school meals will contribute to catering savings of pound;130,000, charges will be introduced for music tuition, and there will be increased charges for school meals, pre-five care, study weekends and Easter schools.

- Edinburgh will save pound;1.5m, with changes to schools' management structure in schools: reducing depute heads, deleting the bursar post and reviewing the number of principal teachers.

- Orkney will cut CPD by 20 per cent, saving pound;20,000.

- Various changes to Dumfries and Galloway's handling of additional support for learning will save around pound;1m, while there will be a reduction in teachers (pound;777,000) and changes to staff development (pound;100,000).

- Argyll and Bute is halving its PEswimming budget (pound;86,000), withdrawing from the Prince's Trust (pound;50,000), while cutting support for Scottish Qualifications for Headship and reducing the allocation for parent councils (pound;21,000).

- Aberdeenshire will see a big reduction in classroom assistants.

- Free fruit and bread will be removed in West Lothian (pound;210,000).

- West Dunbartonshire is removing free school meals for all P1-3s.

- West Dunbartonshire is saving pound;400,000 in its school meals spending and removing free milk (pound;190,000).

Details of more local authorities' spending plans will emerge next week.



Revenue expenditure on education, culture and sport to fall by pound;3 million to pound;182.7m in cash terms, out of pound;26m in savings for the council as a whole. Compulsory redundancies not being ruled out. Number of class assistants reduced by 190 instead of 290.


Education budget reduced by pound;2.8m to pound;228.6m.


Education contributed pound;3.2m to the council's overall savings of pound;8.5m, leaving a budget of pound;97.5m. Some pound;725,000 of the reduction to come from schools' devolved budgets.

Argyll and Bute

Education spending remaining stable at just over pound;69m in cash terms, but real terms reductions to include pound;1m savings from schools' devolved budgets.


Education budget of pound;33.6m, a reduction of pound;2.097m in cash terms and a real terms reduction of pound;2.541m. Secondary schools to save 6 per cent from their devolved budgets.

Dumfries and Galloway

Education budget set at pound;138.2m, a reduction of pound;3.6m in cash terms.


Save pound;4m to meet a budget of pound;128.5m, of which pound;323,000 to come from devolved school funds.

East Ayrshire

Real terms cut of pound;3.5m in education, leaving budget of pound;110.5m. Saving of pound;1.2m in real terms from schools' devolved budgets.

East Dunbartonshire

Education budget of pound;103.2m, with savings of pound;2.5m agreed and hopes of another pound;833,000 to come from revising teachers' terms and conditions. Schools devolved budgets to be cut by pound;1.6m.

East Lothian

Education and children's services expenditure to rise in cash terms from pound;99.3m to pound;101m, an increase of 1.8 per cent, likely to be diminished with inflation. School budgets protected.

East Renfrewshire

Education budget of pound;106.3m, a real terms reduction of pound;2.6m. Devolved budgets reduced.


Education budget cut by pound;4m to pound;240.4m, which includes charges for PPP and special education. pound;3.1m of the cut from schools' budgets.


Education budget reduced by 0.1 per cent, or pound;0.123m in cash terms, to pound;159.5m. No savings from devolved school budgets.


Education spend of pound;332.4m, a reduction of pound;6.7m or 5.5 per cent in real terms. Includes a reduction in the schools' budget of around pound;4.6m.


Net expenditure for education services pound;479.7m, a real term reduction of pound;15.5m. Devolved budget for classroom supplies increased by between seven and 10 per cent.


The education budget of pound;203m has been cut by pound;2.3m (1.1 per cent) in cash terms.


Budget set, but no information available.

North Ayrshire

Education budget to fall by pound;8.4m in real terms to pound;135m for 2011-12. Schools contribution of pound;708,000 in savings from devolved budgets.

North Lanarkshire

Learning and leisure budget set at pound;395m, having reduced it by 0.36 per cent or pound;1.4m in cash terms. An anticipated pound;2.7m of efficiency savings to come from school budgets.


Overall council budget not set, but looking to save pound;950,000 from education service next year including a possible 5 per cent cut in school budgets.

Scottish Borders

Education budget will be pound;79.6m, a real terms reduction of pound;2.2m, out of which pound;898,000 to come from schools' budgets.

West Dunbartonshire

Education budget of pound;91.4m, a reduction of pound;2.5m, around half a million pounds of which from the schools' devolved budgets.

West Lothian

Education budget of pound;132.6m, a reduction of pound;3.4m, of which pound;1.4m deducted from schools

Moray, Shetland, South Ayrshire and South Lanarkshire did not provide education budget details.

Midlothian, Renfrewshire, the Western Isles, Stirling and Perth and Kinross have yet to agree their budgets.

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