Big drama over on-the-job training

Given the dramatic headline "Inspectors slate on-the-job training" (TES, January 19), I was disappointed that the article did not refer to plans actively put in place by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) to improve the graduate teacher programme and to deal with the issues rightly raised by Ofsted.

The TDA board has already authorised a consultation on how to ensure more subject training time and extra training linked to an academic award for individuals. We will also consult on setting up new quality grades for trainers.

In striving to drive up standards, we welcome Ofsted's conclusions - also omitted in your report - that most training providers are now achieving better and more consistent quality, reflected in the improving quality of trainees' teaching. Ofsted also judged that the programme is making a strong contribution to teacher recruitment, notably in shortage subjects such as maths and science.

Graham Holley, Chief executive, Training and Development Agency for Schools, London SW1

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