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Big Mac fever

To Murrayfield to hear about the sterling efforts of Sportscotland to raise standards and interpret the Aussie twangs of Ian Robson, its new chief executive, a man with a mission statement or two.

Robson is doing what comes naturally by assuming the characteristics of his adopted nation and nurturing grievances against our neighbours south of the border. Naffed off at a recent meeting in London, he told the assembly: "I'm not a Scot . . . butyou're making me one very quickly."

Drawing on his wide international background and dedication to quality, he surprised the Edin-burgers by referring to the high standards served up by McDonald's. No chip on his shoulder.

"You know what you are going to get before you go," Robson revealed to his audience, which included Margo of the McDonald clan, SNP MSP and former drillie. Are all McDonalds from the same mould? Surely not.

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