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Big yes for Smallpeice

We are aware that SCITT training has become a political football over the past two years and many people are honing their axes in preparation for the forthcoming HM Inspectorate report. We wish to remain outside of this political arena, but consider that we are receiving a high-quality training in technology and science teaching, which has included academic input from Roehampton Institute and Goldsmiths' College. This has been backed up with comprehensive skills training and a two-week industrial placement. Our training is intensive, and HMI has reported favourably on the Smallpeice London Consortium.

We know from talking to students and newly qualified teachers from other higher educationuniversity-based courses that we are receiving a quality training.

IAN FAIRBAIRN, PETER DRAPER and 22 other Smallpeice teacher trainees

ADT College, London SW15

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