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Biggest heads' research team

Readers of your feature on personalised learning (TES, October 15) may be interested to learn that the National College of School Leadership has launched what promises to be the largest ever headteacher-led research project into the subject.

A team of nine heads, each seconded for up to 30 days, will work with directors of research at the college to provide evidence-based research into the systematic use of data, new pedagogy, curriculum choice and student voice, radical new models of organisation and successful strategies for engaging parents.

The heads will represent different regions and as well as working at a national level, they will encourage the engagement of local heads through materials, exemplars of practice and network participation.

The project begins in January and the team will consider, in particular, the implications for leaders across primary, special and secondary education. What must we do to make personalisation in schools a reality?

Anyone who would like to contribute can find details at

Ray Tarleton

Principal, South Dartmoor community college

Leadership Network co-ordinator

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